TruTite Vapor Tight Box

TruTite Technology:  The only true Vapor Tight solution for energy-efficient building

Conventional outlet boxes, even those claiming to be “air-tight,” suffer from the fundamental problem of requiring the installer to make one or more holes in the box in order to get the cables in. Some boxes have gaskets intended to seal around cables that, in practice, leave gaping holes. Sometimes attempts are made to repair boxes back to an air-tight condition, but the realities of the jobsite make the likeliness of this work being done correctly close to zero. It is extremely important to get this right because a pin-hole is all it takes to start mold growing inside energy-efficient walls where air-flow to carry out moisture is non-existent.

The right solution is to not make a hole in the first place and only EZ-Term boxes, with their external cable connections, make this possible. By passing current through integrated circuits embedded in the box itself, EZ-Term avoids the problem all together and offers a integrated Vapor Tight solution.

The result is ZERO leakage of indoor air into the exterior wall cavity. Not only does this conserve energy by eliminating a major source of heat loss (a typical home can have 30 to 50 outlet boxes on exterior walls), but it keeps the home healthy by preventing warm, moist indoor air from escaping into the wall through outlet boxes and starting an infestation of mold.

TruTite Advantages

  • 100% seal stops all indoor air exfiltration through the outlet box into the wall cavity creating a true Vapor Tight solution
  • Improves energy efficiency by removing numerous sources of heat loss
  • Eliminates a major source of mold growth inside the home
  • No special work required at installation to maintain air-tightness