Strip.  Stick.  And Click!

The EZ-TERM System – named after “easy termination” – is so easy, fast and robust because of Advanced Currents’ innovative “Plug and Play” technology. We spent years methodically perfecting the design and embedded circuitry. We continually tested it with industry experts, contractors, electricians and DIYers. And we tirelessly worked to make EZ-TERM as reliable as it is simple.

EZ-TERM_TechnologyAn electrical junction box that does the thinking for you

The EZ-TERM System is already intelligently integrated, so switch loops and 3-way or 4-way switch wiring is as easy and fast as sticking the cable into the connector. The result is unheard-of levels of work efficiency compared to hand wiring, along with increased safety and convenience.

Integrated Smart Home Platform

Because EZ-TERM modules are removable after installation and handle all the bulky wire connections outside the box, this allows you to upgrade to our E-Box modules any time you feel like it.  Now you can use your iPad or Smart Phone to wireless control all of your outlets and lights in your house wherever you may be in the world.  Plus, you don’t have to make any decisions today, when you are ready to choose the technology you want for the single outlet or whole house, E-Box modules can quickly be installed and integrated with other wireless technology in your house.

Eco Friendly!  Conserves energy and stops mold with TruTite Vapor Tight Technology

Our outlet boxes don’t require entry holes because cables connect on the outside of the box. This enables a 100% seal which prevents heat loss and, even more importantly, stops warm, moist indoor air from escaping and creating mold growth inside the wall cavity.

(Read more about TruTite)

So innovative, it’s earned 3 patents!

The EZ-TERM System is so innovative in its design, intelligent integration and true air-tightness that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded Advanced Currents 3 patents. (#7,425,677) (#7,705,239)  (#8,415,561)