EZ-Term:  Faster. Safer. Simpler. No Mistakes. PLUS “Smart Home” Ready

Advanced Currents’ EZ-TERM System, named after “easy termination,” delivers revolutionary advantages compared to hand wiring. EZ-TERM’s “Plug and Play” design and intelligently integrated circuitry allows switch loops and 3-way or 4-way switch wiring to be as easy and fast as sticking the cable into the connector. The result is unheard-of levels of work efficiency and increased safety and amazingly simple installations compared to hand wiring.

 EZ-TERM_DiagramSave Time (think seconds instead of minutes)

  • No need to hand-wire electrical unions at box
  • “Plug and Play” from start to finish
  • No expertise required to install EZ-TERM

Save More Time: Use Pre-Mounted Devices

  • Devices are pre-wired and mounted at the factory
  • Temporary cover replaced with face plate at trim-out
  • Eliminates tedious, time-consuming installation of devices
  • Exclusive to EZ-TERM because of external cable connections

Save lives with increased Safety

  • Reduced risk of heat build-up from kinked, overstuffed wires
  • Insulated ground wire reduces risk of arcing and exposed hot surfaces
  • Reduced risk of faulty connections

Stop Mistakes:  Simple Connect-the-Dots Installation

  • Simple diagrams and connections make 3 way and even 4 way switches easy
  • Stick the cables into the right ports and EZ-TERM’s intelligent circuitry does the rest

Stop Mold: True Vapor Tightness

  • 100% seal stops all indoor air exfiltration through the outlet box into the wall cavity
  • Improves energy efficiency by removing numerous sources of heat loss
  • Eliminates a major source of mold growth inside the home
  • No special work required at installation to maintain air-tightness

Stop Worrying:  Upgrade your home to the latest technologies when you are ready

  • Because the EZ-Term system includes a pull out module, it is easy to upgrade a single outlet, a room, or a whole house to the latest smart home technology
  • In fact, our easy Step Up Path allows you to start out with a traditional EZ-term connector and upgrade to Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Wifi module whenever you are ready!